• Online collaborative whiteboard startup Miro introduced Miro AI, a suite of artificial intelligence-powered features designed to optimize common and intricate operations on the platform.
  • Mira AI’s capabilities include conducting consumer research analysis, strategy seminars, technical diagramming, and customer-centric product design.

Miro, the online collaborative whiteboard startup, introduced Miro AI, a suite of AI-powered features designed to optimize common and intricate operations on the platform.

Miro AI, accessible to all enterprise clients and users, employs large language models and generative AI to streamline processes and workflows and accelerate product and service delivery to the market. The release is promoted as enabling users to manage complex workflows that are fundamental to distributed, cross-functional teams.

Mira AI’s capabilities include conducting consumer research analysis, technical diagramming, strategy seminars, and customer-centric product design. They are optimized for these functions across the entire platform, ensuring that all team members have accessibility and can innovate.

Features of the AI suite include the generation of images from text, the summarization of Post-it notes, the creation of user stories, and the removal of image backgrounds. Miro AI can also perform more intricate tasks, such as generating code from a selected widget or enlarging a mind map with queries, ideas, or topics based on keywords in the selected node.

The new service also prioritizes security and confidentiality. Upon activation, the AI suite’s admin control feature ensures that all content remains secure. User privacy is paramount, private data from customers is not utilized for training AI models, and all prompts are swiftly removed after usage.

It is launching with 12 artificial intelligence features designed to generate, summarize, and aggregate ideas based on sentiment and keyword, generate images automatically from text and visualize complexity using sequence diagrams. The AI suite is available in English, French, and Spanish, allowing for greater user interaction.

Varun Parmar, Head of Product at Miro, said, “Miro AI plays a key part in helping teams accelerate every stage of the product life cycle. It’s especially valuable for supporting enterprise product teams responsible for research and development to accelerate the creation of new products and services.”

Rolling introductions of new features and enhancements are planned, and the company encourages its community to share the features they would like to see next by visiting the Miro AI Wish List.