• The job of the module is investigating, tracking, and gathering of intelligence on live ransomware activity and then gain upper hand on ransomware groups.
  • The service also offers additional data and information which includes previously unseen insight into ransomware activity.

The Dark web intelligence company, Searchlight Security Ltd., launched Ransomware Search and Insights on December 13, 2022. It is a new module that automatically gather data from new Ransomware groups.

The new platform’s role is to investigate, track, and gather intelligence on live ransomware activity. It also offers a detailed view of ransomware groups, including tactics, incidents, and victimology, to be observed in real-time. Overall, Ransomware Search and Insights help analysts pave their way towards top-class threat intelligence and gain the upper hand on ransomware groups.

The data from ransomware groups can be fetched manually from the dark web, but the entire process takes a lot of time. The company claims that using this new platform, it is possible to find victims of threat actors, post on leak sites, and track known group members, all of them in one place – which will reduce time and resources spent individually keeping an eye on each of the threat groups.

The platform provides more insights like previously missed insights on the happening ransomware activity. The organizations can use the service to find which ransomware groups are targeting organizations that come in sync with their profile across geography, industry, and business size and tailor their defenses with a better understanding of the group most likely to attack them.

In terms of law enforcement, Ransomware Search and Insights provide their investigators with updated intelligence to fight against any cybercrime. As the ransomware groups use the dark web to manage their campaigns, tracking the activity of prolific threat actors on forums and marketplaces can help law enforcement discontinue and take down these groups.

Experts’ Talk

Dr. Gareth Owenson, co-founder and chief technology officer of Searchlight Security, explained, “The Ransomware Search and Insights module was born from our work with national law enforcement agencies who require real-time insights to investigate and take down ransomware groups. We have listened to and collaborated with them to address these needs and bring the next evolution of threat hunting to life. Investigators can work smarter, not harder, with live intelligence on ransomware operators collated and delivered to them.”