NTT communications corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT group and Symmetry Holding Inc. a U.S. based leading provider of SAP managed services announced that the Symmetry had been acquired. Secure-24 Intermediate Holdings Inc. wholly owned by a subsidiary of NTT Com has entered in agreement on 26th June according to which Secure-24 will be wholly acquiring the Symmetry.

Using the DX Enabler, NTT Com is trying to strengthen the support for its client’s digital transformation, while secure-24 has been playing a significant role in making those business solutions reach various businesses, Symmetry that possesses expertise in SAP managed services that deliver solutions to large enterprise clients for diverse industries. Symmetry portfolio includes businesses from diverse backgrounds, including healthcare, consumer products, manufacturing, and IT solutions. Symmetry offers an added migration solution that includes operation solutions such as SAPS/4 HANA, a high-speed platform, flexible that is expected to deploy widely. Mike BeDell, Chief Executive Officer for Secure-24, added that the acquisition of Symmetry allows the users to strengthen the comprehensive managed services that we provide to our customers along with adding new opportunities for our customers. The combined expertise for both of the businesses will assist in managing the SAP services that will deliver greater value to our customers around the world.

Pete Stevenson, Chairman, and CEO of Symmetry added that for more than 20 years, symmetry had been committed to delivering the highest quality of SAP cloud hosting and application management services to the market and customers. The company is looking towards delivering even greater value to customers with expanded offerings and global resources that Secure-24 offers, without sacrificing the high touch support and commitment to success with team execution and satisfying the customer’s expectation. The Symmetry’s unique strengths will completely be integrated into the NTT com ecosystem, including its total managed IT service as well as cloud, data center services, and network.