The GitHub beta android app permits developers to:

A) Review code

B) Merge change

C) Collaborate on mobile

GitHub, the code-sharing site, has released a beta version of the new Android app that provides developers tools that enable them to perform certain tasks on the smartphone.

At a conference in November, the Microsoft-owned company, GitHub, revealed news about the application iOS and Android presenting developers with an iOS beta app for iPhones and iPads, but now developers with Android phones can also join the beta clan.

More about the new app

The application is designed for tasks that do not demand a comprehensive development environment desktop. However, it is engineered to enable users to collaborate on specific tasks like revising code, design changes, and merging changes.

Available for Android 5.1 and later versions, GitHub observed that the app supports a range of screen sizes, setting, and the dark mode.

Ryan Nystrom, director of engineering at GitHub, says, “With GitHub for mobile, you have the convenience of completing these tasks while on the go, with full experience. With GitHub for mobile, you have the flexibility to get on with your business and stay in touch with the team wherever you are.”

GitHub, introduced in 2008, has close to 40 million users all over the world; therefore, it is estimated to be a popular choice for users that demand better experience than the webpage of GitHub for mobile, when they need to work without a computer.

Developers already signed up to the Android waiting list must have received an email invitation with a link to join the program. GitHub mentions that there is a limited number of seats available for the app’s beta version but assures more seats to be opened in the future.

A bit more on the UI experience

The app’s home screen has a layout of 4 primary tabs that include,

1. Issues

2. Pull requests

3. Repositories

4. Organization

It also offers a “Favorites” section to enable users to tailor their favorite and recent section for the newly opened requests or messages recently commented on by the user.

All in all, the new app has managed to take care of several details for enhanced user experience.