Inova Payroll, human resource solutions and national payroll provider, announced a partnership with Cleargistix, a premier provider of automated, digital ticketing solutions for businesses historically plagued by costly, manual processes. The association provides data and real-time visibility for field operations and offers clients a streamlined solution that allows employees to be paid effortlessly.

Cleargistix integrates the field intelligently with the office via its digital ticketing system for the field. Its cloud-based applications remove issues by using paper forms and spreadsheets to collect and maintain field information, such as data entry errors, different versions of data, misplaced paperwork, and delays resulting from repeated manual entry.

“The team at Cleargistix is pleased to partner with Inova to offer clients a smart system to get their companies moving forward,” said Steven Toups, President and CEO at Cleargistix. “This joint partnership is incredibly valuable to both companies. Using both services provides cost and time savings, streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and provides real-time information, giving our clients more time to spend running their successful businesses.”

Inova Payroll provides human resources and financial professionals with an exceptional paperless payroll and human capital management tools. The systems work together to provide clients with a solution that takes them away from complex, manual, and expensive labor and other information monitoring and management across multiple business sectors.

“Like Inova, Cleargistix is dedicated to efficiency, excellent customer service, and paperless tools,” said Farsheed Ferdowsi, President and CEO at Inova. “Our shared values put us in a position for shared success. Many of Inova’s clients were looking for an efficient, paperless field solution, and our partnership with Cleargistix means we are better positioned to be a problem solver for our clients.”

Companies are dependent on paper or spreadsheets to keep track of revenue, time, cost center, and other information in the field. As a solution to it, Cleargistix has made a provision for managing the data digitally and automatically send it to Inova Payroll for managing payroll and other human capital tasks as well as to other systems such as ERP, CRM, or BI systems.

The collaboration offers additional resources for industries such as oil and amp; gas and manufacturing, which were previously plagued by inefficiencies and time-intensive manual processes, with work taking place at several different locations.

Digital talent management operations are identified as an emerging HR trend within the oil and amp; gas industry, stated a recent McKinsey and amp; Co. report with words, “Taken together, the industry disruptions and fundamental changes to HR across industries described have deep implications for oil and gas companies’ HR functions. In light of this, oil and gas companies must consider refreshing their HR strategy and rethinking their HR operating model.”