• The real power of Elastic Data Migration is the fact that it is included with Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management offering at no charge.
  • Komprise COO Krishna Subramanian says that the no charge fundamental helps solution providers to analyze data before migration.

Komprise, the data management technology developer, on March 31, 2020 revealed a new application called Elastic Data Migration that is engineered to expedite data migration between on-premise and multiple cloud infrastructures.

Considering Elastic Data Migration app can be purchased as an individual technology, its USP still lies in the fact that it is being included into Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management offering at no cost at all and eases the process of data analysis for solution providers before migration, stated Komprise President and COO Krishna Subramanian

Additionally, Subramanian told CRN that Elastic Data Migration was developed as a solution for businesses moving from migrating information to their data centers to the ones migrating information across clouds and data centers leveraging high-latency WANs.

She also mentioned, “Komprise does data management software across storage, archives and migration,” and added, “It has typically been used inside a single data center. But now people want to turn off some storage in the data center and move the data to the cloud or from one cloud to a better cloud. To do that, they need low latency. Our technology moves data fast over the WAN because it does multiple things in parallel.”

Exploring the features of Elastic Data Migration


The Elastic Data Migration app exploits parallelism at every level and includes shares and volumes, files, directories, and threads that adjust to the available resources to optimize performance.

Minimized overheads with optimized protocol

Komprise is well adjusted to reduce overhead for every protocol as this proves to be extremely beneficial during the movement of data on slower networks such as WANs.

High-fidelity with MD5 check of each file/object

This feature confirms that data is migrated with all it permissions, metadata, and ACLs intact across various storage environments that support permissions and metadata differently.

Intuitive graphical user interface and API-driven
It is a dashboard to run, monitor, and manage a large number of migrations at the same time.  API access is also offered by Komprise to schedule and manage data migrations programmatically.

Overview of the new Elastic Data Migration App

Elastic Data Migration app by Komprise is all set to resolve bottlenecks as more and more companies are adopting multi-cloud strategies. This new and promising solution pays attention to primary issues such as speed, reliability, accuracy, and cost to aid users to easily migrate data across heterogeneous storage and cloud environments.

Additionally, Komprise claims that this process can be expedited six times at a 50% lesser cost as compared to other solutions.

Further Krishna Subramanian stated, “Data migration is time-consuming and error-prone.” “Customers can use specialty software, but it’s expensive. With Komprise, we include Elastic Data Migration in our Komprise Intelligent Data Management offering at no charge. Or customers can purchase it with the related analytics for under USD 100 per terabyte.” She added, Komprise is a channel-only company, and the addition of Elastic Data Migration to Komprise Intelligent Data Management represents a solid opportunity for channel partners.