Google cloud is looking to assist the small enterprises to avoid the bill shock, with the launch of the storage growth plan for Google Cloud Storage. The plan for a new cloud strategy comes into effect after Google recently noted that small enterprises are in need of storage facilities that are cost-effective and operationally feasible. Companies that sign-up for the storage growth plan are expected to hand over $10,000 per month for 12 months of cloud storage usage. The customer will now have the option either to commit for the next 12 months at the rate of their peak usage or if it’s within the 30 percent of original commitment the previous year’s coverage is free.

Though the target is small and medium scale enterprises, looking at any enterprise today you can say that data growth can be unpredictable but costs can’t be. With data already having a completely unpredictable lifecycle based on it’s a utility. Currently managing the data in infrastructure solutions needs to make the life of storage architecture much easier but it depends on the complexity of various solutions.

Cloud service providers can certainly work on the idea of dynamic usage wherein each workload suit different offerings. Google recently gave an example with time-dependent and resource-depend legacy image archive that could be recreated with the API training set. The move by Google can also improve the current technology competition to attract more of the enterprise’s customers. CEO Thomas Kurian, at a Goldman Sachs Conference, announced that they will soon be following the aggressive sales plan to provide Google with store enterprise presence. Google has recently acquired Alooma, an enterprise-focused toward data pipeline.  Google recently announced that price drops for its cold and low latency offering called Coldline. Coldline is now Geo-redundant protecting the data from regional failures.