• Bridgecrew raised USD 14 million in Series A funding
  • Led by Battery Ventures, and participation by NFX, DNX, Sorensen, and more was witnessed
  • The company aims at developing playbooks to resolve the misconfiguration issue quickly and at a lower cost

Bleak economic conditions and bottleneck competition are getting companies to automate their processes. Bridgecrew, a 14-month-old start-up involved in developing cloud security tooling focused on engineers, announced a USD 14 million Series A funding on April 16, 2020.

Led by Battery Ventures, the Series A witnessed participation from NFX that happens to be Bridgecrew’s USD 4 million seed investor along with participation from Tectonic Ventures, DNX Ventures, Sorensen Ventures, and Homeward Ventures. The company in this Series A funding has raised USD 14 million.

Idan Tendler, CEO and co-founder of Bridgecrew, explained that provisioning cloud resources has become easier, but security still happens to be more challenging. He quotes, “We founded Bridgecrew because we saw that there was a huge bottleneck in security engineering, in DevSecOps, and how engineers were running cloud infrastructure security.”

The idea behind

Mr. Tendler also mentioned the company had figured out that there are several issues associated with misconfigurations, and even though there are security solutions to address these issues, they are expensive and not developed from an engineer’s perspective, who is actually responsible for fixing the issue.

The company has decided to tackle these issues by developing a solution that is specifically engineered with the essence of how engineers think and operate. He explained, “We do that by codifying the problem, by codifying what the engineers are doing. We took all the tasks that they needed to do to protect around remediation of their cloud environment and we built a playbook.”

What are these playbooks?

Bits of infrastructure as code, these playbooks have the capacity to resolve a number of common issues in very little time. Idan also said that whenever a new issue is spotted, a playbook is built, which then becomes a part of the product. Approximately 90% of these issues are fairly generic, just like adhering to AWS best practices of taking care of SOC-2 compliance. And the best part about these playbooks is that they can be tweaked by engineers if they need to.

In the one year two-month-long journey, Bridgecrew has managed to build 100 playbooks. As of now, the company has a lean workforce of around 16 employees, and plans to double the number by the end of 2020.