AScorpi, an IT services company based out of Germany, recently announced the launch of LiVe, its most recent innovation. Built on SAP technology, LiVe happens to be the world’s primary and only rights and license management cloud platform.

Headquartered in Munich, AScorpi is a leading provider of IT, management consulting, and system integration. The company also offers exceptional expertise in software, cloud, and consulting.

With the recent launch of LiVe, AScorpi is focused on developing advanced technology to make available industry’s best solutions to everyone with additional ease of accessing it from anywhere. On the progress front, the company is specifically working on making LiVe’s professional services available to small and medium-scale licensing businesses.

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The LiVe platform is engineered to enable licensors, licensees, and agents to administer rights, royalties, and product development in an independent solution. The company also offers end-to-end solutions that facilitate optimization of processes and allows easy access, regardless of the user location.

Andreas Scholten, CEO, AScorpi, states that the company is extremely excited to introduce its most recent product to the public. He added, LiVe is designed to serve as a flexible, quick, and easy solution to make license management operations more convenient for users.

Ready to serve a wide range of industries right from brand licensing, media and amp; entertainment, publishing to fashion, and more, LiVe offers industry-specific features and applications. To develop this platform, the company has made optimum use of 15 years of experience in the genre of implementing software solutions for licensing.

AScorpi has helped the management of several events, including the world’s most popular soccer event and the 2006 world cup that made optimum use of core functionalities offered by LiVe.

 LiVe: feature list

LiVe offers cutting-edge user interface and application for web-based and mobile access at anytime from anywhere. The platform is engineered with advanced cloud technology and an in-memory database. It also offers users flexible adjustments to fit their needs.

The LiVe platform offers an automated process to users with the capacity to create and manage products, sales, licenses, contracts, and business partners. Along with immediate rights and licensing information, LiVe also offers real-time KPI overview and analytics capabilities.

The license management cloud platform supports businesses and helps them resolve issues related to integration and media breaks with respect to the royalty report process and usage confirmation. LiVe also makes available suitable workflows for efficient product development and sync between designers and producers.