The field of copy data management may not attract many big IT giants, but it’s increasingly becoming an imperative procedure for the business to follow. Enterprises that are looking to modernize and aesthetically improve the infrastructure, especially catering to the hybrid world. One of the enterprises that are currently gaining the ground in this space is Actifio. Inc., specializing in the copy data virtualization to improve infrastructure efficiency by adding a solution to reduce the data duplication.

Actifio recently announced the availability of Actifio GO Backup-as-a-service on the Google cloud platform. The software provides for simpler backup and restores options with improved analytics and compliance initiatives to provide the on-premise licensing.  Ashok Ramu, Vice president and general manager of cloud solutions at Actifio added that our most important task is to make complex solutions and make it look simple. Over the course of the past nine years, this has been our motto how to make the experience great again. Actifio’s goal is to assist the enterprise in simplifying the management of data-heavy workloads in a complex environment. Actifio recently was able to understand the market requirement wherein they focused on providing those opportunities.

Actifio particularly targets the Google domain with a focus toward the SAP Hana, SQL, and complex workloads. It enables the implementation, installation, and ingestion of data in a minute, by the time the complete process is done most of the companies will be leveraging the Actifio technology in the cloud. The Actifio’s platform is infrastructure agnostic, and data can be moved seamlessly between clouds. Currently, the company is a Google Cloud technology Partner and has been working towards assisting the enterprises in accessing workloads and critical databases on Google. Google cloud offers a complete infrastructure solution for cloud platforms, and with a combination of Google, we can certainly use the technology to do various things.