AHEAD, Data Blue and amp; Sovereign Systems have joined forces to form a new company, yet to be named, that focuses on integrating on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

The three companies that specialize in providing major digital infrastructure services have unveiled their merger on Friday and are all set to create a solutions powerhouse by collaborating with channel partners like Dell and Cisco.

The trio also broadcasted their plans to merge by creating an enterprise of a gross worth of around $1.3 billion in revenue and a major amalgamation of an extensive range of skills. The acquisition looks forward to deliver promising cloud and managed services solutions to fortune 1000 companies.

Major Takeaways of the Deal

Technical Expertise: AHEAD focuses on delivering expertise in areas of DevOps, mobility and amp; analytics, security, and enterprise service management. Data Blue will provide solutions to managed services and networking aspects of enterprises.Additionally, Sovereign systems will take care of cloud, Service now and VMware expertise.

Geographical Coverage: Data Blue will cater to Southeast and Northeast (U.S.) whereas; AHEAD will serve the Midwest and amp; Mid-Atlantic regions.

Verticals: While the three firms individually cater to multiple industries, the acquisition will be a specialty in sectors like insurance, healthcare and financial services.

Hierarchy: Daniel Adamany founder of AHEAD will head the merger. Stephen Ayoub, CEO – Data blue will be the president and chief revenue officer.

Key Partners: Key partners defined for the new enterprise are tech giants such as –

1. Cisco Systems

2. Dell Technologies

3. VMware

4. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

5. Microsoft Azure

Planned to be headquartered in Chicago, the only thing that hasn’t been unanimously decided about the merger is its name. Expected to announce the name in the next few months, all three companies look forward to maintain individual branding for the rest of the year.